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EFL Internships in China

One-year paid internships in China with possible contract extension. Internships start all year round.  

EFL Internships in Turkey (Istanbul)

Paid EFL Internships in Turkey (in state and private schools in Istanbul) for one academic year from September till June, with possible contract extension.

Summer Internships in Malta for EFL Teachers/Animators

Paid summer internships in a language center in Malta between for two-four months with possible contract extension

Online English Teaching

Online job offer to ALL who have successfully completed TESOL or CELTO courses at no extra charge


RUB 19,000

For INTESOL students and alumni of TESOL/TEFL 140-220 hours

RUB 25,000

For those who have TEFL 120, Diploma in TESOL 350/390, or those who do not have TESOL/TEFL certificates from INTESOL

For more information and registration for the program please e-mail us at info@intesolrussia.com or call +7 (495) 7203039

Оставьте заявку, и мы с Вами свяжемся, чтобы подробнее рассказать про наши программы!

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