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Language Clubs

Our English language clubs are absolutely free of charge and we are always more than happy to welcome everyone who would like to improve his level or just practice speaking skills in a friendly and informal environment :)

Teachers of our clubs are our TESOL students who use the most modern tools of teaching English during these clubs.

Join our classes:

Moscow,  Zubovsky Blvd, 13/1, level 7, INTESOL company

metro station “Park Kultury” phone: +7 499 130 70 60 / +7 964 566 59 43


To register for the club please send us a short email with your contact details on 


Date Time Topic Trainer
15.авг 19/00 IELTS preparation: Reading Anna
15.авг 19/45 IELTS preparation: Speaking Anna
16.авг 19/00 Speaking club Nadezhda
16.авг 19/45 Movie club Nadezhda
17.авг 19/00 Grammar lesson Anna
17.авг 19/45 Business English: Sales Anna
18.авг 19/00 IELTS preparation: Listening Anna
18.авг 19/45 IELTS preparation: Writing Anna
19.авг 19/00 Grammar lesson Valeriya
19.авг 19/45 Business English: Marketing techniques Valeriya
20.авг 16/00 IELTS preparation: Reading Nathaniel Long
20.авг 16/45 IELTS preparation: Speaking Nathaniel Long
20.авг 12/00 Speaking club Nathaniel Long
20.авг 12/45 Movie club Nathaniel Long
20.авг 14/00 TOEFL preparation: Reading Nathaniel Kyle
20.авг 14/45 TOEFL preparation: Speaking Nathaniel Kyle
21.авг 14/00 Speaking club Anna
21.авг 14/45 Movie club Anna
21.авг 12/00 Grammar lesson Nadezhda
21.авг 12/45 Business English: Negotiations Nadezhda
21.авг 16/00 Grammar lesson: Modal verbs Nathaniel Long
21.авг 16/45 Business English: Presentation Nathaniel Long
22.авг 19/00 IELTS preparation: Reading Valeriya
22.авг 19/45 TOEFL preparation: Listening Valeriya
23.авг 19/00 TOEFL preparation: Reading Nadezhda
23.авг 19/45 TOEFL preparation: Speaking Nadezhda
24.авг 19/00 IELTS preparation: Listening Valeriya
24.авг 19/45 TOEFL preparation: Speaking Valeriya
25.авг 19/00 TOEFL preparation: Listening Nadezhda
25.авг 19/45 TOEFL preparation: Writing Nadezhda
26.авг 19/00 TOEFL preparation: Listening Nathaniel Kyle
26.авг 19/45 TOEFL preparation: Writing Nathaniel Kyle
27.авг 16/00 IELTS preparation: Listening Nathaniel Long
27.авг 16/45 IELTS preparation: Writing Nathaniel Long
27.авг 14/00 Speaking club Nathaniel Kyle
27.авг 14/45 Movie club Nathaniel Kyle
27.авг 12/00 Speaking club Valeriya
27.авг 12/45 Movie club Valeriya
28.авг 12/00 Grammar lesson Nathaniel Kyle
28.авг 12/45 Business English: Telephone Calls Nathaniel Kyle
28.авг 14/00 IELTS preparation: Speaking Elvina
28.авг 14/45 TOEFL preparation: Listening Elvina
28.авг 16/00 Grammar lesson Elvina
28.авг 16/45 Business English: Managing interruptions Elvina
29.авг 19/00 IELTS preparation: Writing Elvina
29.авг 19/45 TOEFL preparation: Reading Elvina
30.авг 19/00 Speaking club Elvina
30.авг 19/45 Movie club Elvina

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