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Kindly take a minute to listen feedback from our students:

Natalia Nikiforova – TESOL V in-class

Ekaterina Khorkova – TESOL V in-class

Leonid Fomichev – TESOL V in-class

Oleg Chunarev – TESOL V in-class

Julia Manushina – TESOL V in-class

Fillip Sulim – TESOL V in-class, teaches in China, moved with his family

Alla Lagutina – TESOL V in-class, contract based occupation in Malaysia

Pavel Bulgakov, TESOL V in-class

Irina Novikova, TESOL V in-class

Laura Chitanava, TESOL V in-class

Lynda Hazelwood, INTESOL Worldwide, UK

Hi Lidia,

This is fantastic! all the paperwork is just perfect! I am so proud of you! You could show some of our older centres how to do it!!!

Well done INTESOL Russia!

Kind regards


Yulia Manakova TESOL V in-class

I am very glad to have completed TESOL course in Freeway Russia. I had never taught English in groups before, thus I discovered how interesting teaching could be.  I knew a lot of new techniques which I was happy to put in practice. I enjoyed the way we were taught, our experienced and helpful trainer Elena and my colleagues. The atmosphere in our classroom was always relaxed and promoted successful learning.

I liked that we saw examples of real lessons of professional teachers. I appreciate that now we have many books and on-line resources where we can find useful materials for lessons. The information we have got is up-dated and was proved in real-class situations. Now we know much more about visual aids and new technologies which we can use to help students and teachers. I also find international aspects of the course very useful, we understand weather any method works or not in different cultures and how to be flexible in classrooms with different background.

For me INTESOL course was a great way to start. Now I enjoy using in practice approaches and techniques we were given. So far I prefer work with children and I would like to gain an experience of teaching abroad in near future.

Konstantin Struzkov IV On-line

The course was both: interesting and brainstorming. The total new perspective of teaching (in comparison to standard Russian school education).

I discovered new ways of dealing with students, new ways of presenting material. Thanks a lot! I would recommend taking it for those, who want to familiarize with modern techniques of teaching English as a second language.

Aleksandra Panova TESOL V in-class

I considered TESOL course as a opportunity to widen my knowledge and skills and to start doing something that I really enjoy. My main expectations were mostly focused on understanding general principles of teaching and creating teaching structure (creating learning atmosphere, planning lessons, understanding specific principles). I need to say that most of the tasks were challenging for me but nevertheless I enjoyed the process and was surprised by the depth and intensity of the course. The most pleasant and interesting finding for me was the philosophy laying underneath the teaching process and required teacher’s attitude toward students.

As being a psychologist I share the values and ideas of students’ individuality, their need for safe and encouraging atmosphere and opportunity to talk about personal ideas, learning through providing internal interest. TESOL course showed me advantages of non-direct teaching approaches and such principles as PPP, LTTT, etc. will be undoubtedly a part of my practice.

Julia Dobrovol`skaya TESOL V in-class

It cannot be expressed with anything else but exclamation marks when speaking about the enjoyment, the pleasure and the useful experience I have gained throughout the course as well as my personal achievements, both intrinsic and extrinsic. In addition to my basic teaching background I’ve added a huge layer of practical knowledge, a wider baggage, a brighter horizon for my future teaching prospects. The gratitude for the course is all mine.

The aspects of the course I’ve found myself being the most interested in cannot be specified since every piece of information was a valuable treat and contribution to my current knowledge. I’ve enjoyed doing things which were totally new for me like making the flannel board for kids, teaching in an open lesson format or getting myself thinking about moving the focus of the class activity away from the teacher and limiting his TTT, which is a thing seldom happening in ordinary schools here in Russia.

Immediately after finishing the course I will revise and refresh all the materials I have obtained from TESOL to keep it stuck in my head for good and will put it to good use in my company where we have corporate English courses.

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