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Teaching practice

INTESOL offers you two ways to achieve your teaching practice as part of your TESOL course:

  • Onsite teaching practice
  • Online teaching practice

Onsite Teaching Practice

INTESOL was the first TESOL/TEFL training provider to offer its Online TESOL trainees a full week of observed teaching practice. We have subsequently been able to develop a practice that will significantly enhance your skills and confidence not only in the classroom, but also during job interviews.

As part of the INTESOL In-class course in TESOL you must attend one of our TP centres for a full week of teaching practice or take our Online Teaching Practice. Trainees, who have been taught how to manage classes and set up one to one teaching sessions; have been given a sound introduction to materials and visual aids production and have gained confidence in planning lessons, are given the opportunity to observe experienced teachers and to produce a portfolio of lesson plans and observation assessments. Our trainees are then observed teaching several levels, both in groups and on a one to one basis.

During your teaching practice you will:

  • have a personal mentor to guide you throughout your practice.
  • observe experienced, qualified teachers in a real language school.
  • produce a portfolio of lesson plans.
  • receive detailed feedback and observation assessments.
  • gain experience teaching real ESOL students of several levels, from beginners to advanced. The students you will be teaching travel to the UK from a variety of locations throughout Europe, the Far East and the Middle East.
  • be observed teaching both groups and on a one-to-one basis.
  • gain significant confidence in the classroom.

For 8 hours per day, Monday to Friday you will be involved in observation, lesson preparation and teaching. By the end of the practice you will have completed at least 6 hours of observed and assessed teaching practice which satisfies the British Council requirement.

Starting day is Monday. The Teaching Practice component of the Certificate in TESOL is available all year. You will be able to choose your centre later in the course.

Please note: The Onsite Teaching Practice is a one-to-one course with your personal mentor for the week. You will have gained all of the theory before you take any teaching practice, plus you will practice on real students in a real language school not on your peers or fellow students.

Online Teaching Practice

A low-cost, time effective format and accessible by anyone wherever they are in the world is the INTESOL online TP. All you need is a computer and Skype. You will be given lessons to prepare. Your lesson plans and materials will be emailed to the Director of Studies in the school whose students you will be teaching.

You will be asked to suggest dates, and lessons will be arranged at times mutually convenient for you and the school. You will be able to decide whether to do your lessons on the same or different days. You will also have the option of planning and delivering just one group initially so that you can draw on the experience to plan the following group. You will be expected to plan 6 lessons of 40 minutes each, 3 at elementary level and 3 at a different level. You will be sent details of the lessons you must plan.

Here is an example of a lesson you may be asked to prepare and teach:

  • Level: Elementary
  • Topic: Where I live
  • Target Structures: There is/are; prepositions of place; quantifiers- some, any, a few, a lot
  • Vocabulary: Relevant adjectives to describe a town/city; places/buildings in a town/city

At the beginning of the TP, the tutor will have a quick word with you and after you have been introduced to the students the tutor will remain off screen.

All your lesson materials will be printed out ready for the lessons; you will be able to ask the tutor to assist by handing out materials, showing flashcards etc.

At the end of the TP you will be asked to reflect on the practice and for oral feedback. Full oral feedback will then be given by the Director of Studies or tutor.

The Online Teaching Practice is a totally flexible, convenient method of completing your training.

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