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In-class TESOL courses in Moscow

220 hour TESOL course in class in Moscow 

Our 220 hour course provides the comprehensive skill sets required to succeed as a professional English teacher. 

40 hours face-to-face (5 weeks) + 10 hours self-study + 150 hours of homework written assignments + 20 hours of practice.

The program is designed for intensive classes on weekends and during the week for 5-6 weeks. At the end of the theoretical part, there will be a practice, which takes from 2 weeks to 1 month.

In addition, participants will carry out monitoring work in essay format and communicate with the teacher online. Successful completion the course and obtaining a certificate TESOL Level V is considered as completing all examinations and tests for the entire course, as well as having the practice (each student independently conducts English classes in total of 20 hours).

Courses are held in our office, address: Moscow, Zubovsky Blvd, b. 13/1, level 7, INTESOL company.

For registration please call us: +7 499 130 70 60 / +7 964 566 59 43 or send e-mail to

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