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The requirements for the teaching practice

The requirements for the teaching practice

(the things to do for the assessment):


1) Six detailed lesson plans – you have to send the plans before the start of your teaching practice (all the plans are approved by Elena Plekhanova before the practice starts)

2) Six video recordings (about 10-15 minutes each) of any part of your lesson (a logical, coherent). After each lesson you have to send the video files (ANY PART OF THE LESSON -10-15 minutes duration), if you haven’t got a camera, you can use ours.

3) According to the requirements of TESOL course, the lesson you lead should not be less than 30 minutes. You lead not less than 6 lessons during the teaching practice. It is necessarily to get the mark!

4) The INTESOL company does not provide teaching materials for the practice. Teachers use their own materials to all the lesson stages and check it with the supervisor (Elena Plekhanova) before the practice starts.

Good luck!

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